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Message from Paula…



    I have been a sole proprietor of a boutique business most of my life, I have worn many hats over the past 15 years while living on and off the road in Ohio, Los Angeles and now Las Vegas, the entertainment capitol of the world.  Las Vegas excites me and energizes my spirits to succeed.  My adrenaline level is over the top when I am part of a successful event in a major market.  My DIY spirit has given me an education that allows myself to effortlessly shift between a variety of roles.  While the roles may change, the principals of any business have been constant.  I possess the creativity, personality, knowledge and mad skills to handle anything that is thrown my way.   I thrive on seeking out creative solutions whatever the obstacles or needs are of my clients.  I can quietly assess the best way to handle a situation or take charge and shout orders if necessary.



    Throughout my life I have been very active on the music scene.   Whether traveling in a van across Europe or a tour bus across the states, assisting in road managing and event coordination is a specialty of mine. Whether attending a concert as a fan or producing a concert as a promoter, I have enjoyed it all. I have also had a hands-on in coordinating endorsement deals for National artists as well with much success. I have been exposed to all facets of the live music business and enjoy all sides.



    My first hand, experience based education combined with business savvy is a powerful combination that I am ready to share and get behind with conviction and proudly an absolute attention to detail. Whether it be managing Stacey Blade’s, former guitarist of LA Guns career as Let It Rawk and beyond, or working with Evergreen Music as a contributor to the Network and outreach, the sky is the limit!  Let me help produce and engage your entertainment, you will not be sorry.  A successful event is everything to me.


Evergreen Music Network Inc. • Anderson Acres 38176 Lincoln Trail, North Branch, MN  55056

612.799.4979  •

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